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The Duke Wins a Bride: Inconvenient Brides Book 1

The Duke Wins a Bride - ebook

In this bestselling historical romance, a sheltered baron’s daughter and a celebrated duke agree on a marriage of convenience, but he has a secret that may ruin it all.


She is desperate to escape …


When Miss Annabel Ridley learns her betrothed has been unfaithful, she knows she must cancel the wedding. The problem is no one else seems to agree with her, least of all her father. With her wedding day approaching, she must find a way to escape her doomed marriage. She seeks out the Duke of Halmesbury to request he intercede with her rakish betrothed to break it off before the wedding day.


He is ready to try again …


Widower Philip Markham has decided it is time to search for a new wife. He hopes to find a bold bride to avoid the mistakes of his past. Fate seems to be favoring him when he finds a captivating young woman in his study begging for his help to disengage from a despised figure from his past. He astonishes her with a proposal of his own—a marriage of convenience to suit them both. If she accepts, he resolves to never reveal the truth of his past lest it ruin their chances of possibly finding love.

Can be read as a standalone story or as part of the Inconvenient Brides series of spicy Regency romance books.

The Duke Wins a Bride Audiobook

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What Readers Are Saying ...

★★★★★ "True love sneaks up when you were least expecting it. And wreaked havoc in all the best ways. Has some twists and turns to keep you reading." - Phylis Collins.

★★★★★ "Such a delightful story that I would love to read again for the first time." - Deanna.

★★★★★ "The hero and heroine are both very likable. The story has humor, entertaining secondary characters and a few rotten people to round things out." - Sonia (MetraHarvard).

★★★★★ "This is a charming and emotional Regency romance" - Fred Jones.

★★★★★ "Wonderful story of redemption of friendship and open and honest is best." - Ceara Merkle.

FROM BOOKBUB: To escape her upcoming ill-fated nuptials, baron’s daughter Annabel seeks help from Philip, a widowed duke looking for a new wife. A marriage of convenience would benefit them both — but could his secret destroy the true feelings that are just beginning to blossom?

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