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Sleepless in Saunton: Inconvenient Brides Book 4

Sleepless in Saunton - ebook

An insomniac debutante and a widowed architect befriend each other in the middle of the night. Will little Tatyana finally get the new mother she longs for before this country house party ends?

In this steamy historical romance, a sleepless young woman yearns for love while a successful widower pines for his beloved wife. Hot summer nights at a lavish country house might be the perfect environment for new love to bloom.

She cannot sleep …
Jane Davis went to London with her sister for a Season full of hope and excitement. Now her sister is married and Jane wanders the halls alone in the middle of the night. Disappointed with the gentlemen she has met, she misses her family and is desperate for a full night’s sleep. Until she meets a sweet young girl who asks if Jane will be her new mother.

He misses his wife …
It has been two years since Barclay Thompson’s beloved passed away. Now the Earl of Saunton has claimed him as a brother and, for the sake of his young daughter, Barclay has acknowledged their relationship. But loneliness keeps him up at night until he encounters a young woman who might make his dead heart beat again. Honor demands he walk away rather than ruin the young lady’s reputation. Associating with a by-blow like him will prevent her from good society, no matter how badly his little girl wants him to make a match.

Will these three lonely souls take a chance on love and reconnect with the world together?

Sleepless in Saunton is the delightful next chapter in the Inconvenient Brides Regency romance series. If you like worthy heroes, fast-paced plots, and enduring connections, then you’ll adore Nina Jarrett’s charming novel.


Preorder the Book: Ebook (paperbacks and audiobooks will follow)

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