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My Fair Bluestocking: Inconvenient Brides Book 3

My Fair Bluestocking - ebook

A young woman who despises high society and its fashions. A spoilt lord who loves it. Will they give in to their unexpected attraction to reveal a deep and enduring passion?


In this steamy historical romance, an intelligent young woman from the country reluctantly receives a makeover from an arrogant gentleman from the city. But he will not stop teasing her. It is only a matter of time before this relationship combusts.

She thinks he is arrogant and vain ...

The Davis family has ascended to the gentry due to their unusual connection to the Earl of Saunton. Now the earl wants Emma Davis and her sister to come to London for the Season. Emma relishes refusing, but her sister is excited to meet eligible gentlemen. Now she can’t tell the earl's arrogant brother to go to hell when he shows up with the invitation. She will cooperate for her beloved sibling, but she is not allowing the handsome Perry to sway her mind ... or her heart.


He thinks she is disheveled, but intriguing ...

Peregrine Balfour cannot believe the errands his brother is making him do. Fetching a country mouse. Preparing her for polite society. Dancing lessons. He should be stealing into the beds of welcoming widows, not delivering finishing lessons to an unstylish shrew. Pity he can’t help noticing the ravishing young woman that is being revealed by his tuition until the only schooling he wants to deliver is in the language of love.


Will these two conflicting personalities reconcile their unexpected attraction before Perry makes a grave mistake?

My Fair Bluestocking audiobook

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