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Moonlight Encounter: Inconvenient Wives Book 2
(Inconvenient Brides Crossover)

Moonlight Encounter - ebook.jpg

A new baron accused of murder. A young woman who knows he is innocent. When she helps free him, they will be forced to marry. Can their mutual dislike lead to true love?


Her integrity drives her to act ...

Miss Lily Abbott knows the new baron is innocent because she saw him entering the widow’s home next door at the time of the crime. But when the widow refuses to assist him, this young woman who hoped to marry for love cannot stand idly by when she knows the truth. Lily risks everything to stand as an alibi for the glib gentleman who barely remembers her name.

He can’t believe he has to marry her ...

Lord Brendan Ridley stands accused of patricide to gain the title he now holds. Not even his close family connection to the powerful Duke of Halmesbury can help him. He prays his paramour will come forward to clear his name, but honor dictates he not reveal his whereabouts that night without her consent. When help comes from an unexpected quarter, he finds himself forced to marry the annoying chatterbox to save her from scandal.

When these two mismatched people are forced to marry, will they find a way to work together to reveal an enduring passion before the real murderer strikes again?


Preorder the Book: Ebook (paperbacks and audiobooks will follow)

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