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Miracle on St. James's Street: Inconvenient Brides Book 4.5

The Grand Mistletoe Assembly

A woman with a secret. A second son with no connections. Will they find a way to formally meet before they are parted for the holidays?

High society's rules make it impossible to meet. Is their love doomed to remain a scandalous secret? 


She is his perfect woman in every way except social standing. While Cameron is determined to find someone to formally introduce them before they are forced apart for the holidays, Isabelle scrambles to find an honorable solution for their hidden romance.


With Christmas quickly approaching, will they finally begin their public courtship during the most wonderful time of the year or will duty stand in their way?


A tale of etiquette, expectations, and enduring passion.


Preorder the Book: Ebook (paperbacks and audiobooks will follow)

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