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Inconvenient Brides (Reading Order)

Strong women don't make a gentleman's life easy, but they do make it more interesting which is a much better thing! Read about these inconvenient brides as standalone books or as a series.

Friends of the Duke

Book 0 (The Prequels)

The Duke Wins a Bride - ebook

Amazon Bestseller Book 1

To Redeem an Earl eBook

Book 2

My Fair Bluestocking - ebook

Book 3

Sleepless in Saunton

Book 4

The Grand Mistletoe Assembly

Miracle on St. James's Street

Caroline Saves the Blacksmith

Book 5

Long Live the Baron - ebook

Book 6

Moonlight Entcounter

Book 7

Lord Trafford's Folly

Book 8

Confessions of an Arrogant Lord

Book 9

The Replacement Heir

Book 10

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