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Inconvenient Brides (Reading Order)

Strong women don't make a gentleman's life easy, but they do make it more interesting which is a much better thing! Read about these inconvenient brides as standalone books or as a series.

Friends of the Duke

Book 0 (The Prequels)

The Duke Wins a Bride - ebook

Amazon Bestseller Book 1

To Redeem an Earl eBook

Book 2

My Fair Bluestocking - ebook

Book 3

Sleepless in Saunton

Book 4

Miracle on St. James's Street

Book 4.5

Caroline Saves the Blacksmith

Book 5

Inconvenient Wives (Coming 2024)

When the new baron is accused of murder, the resulting complications spill over into the lives of these roguish men and inconvenient women, drawing them into passionate new relationships. Can be read as standalone books or as part of the series.

Long Live the Baron

Inconvenient Wives Book 1 Inconvenient Brides Book 6

Moonlight Encounter

Inconvenient Wives Book 2 Inconvenient Brides Book 7

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